RedIC is a Specialised Investment Casting ERP, which we have developed with Experience of 15+ Year’s Experience about Investment Casting Process.

RedIC Base on the Investment Casting real work Experimental software, it helps to employees and Directors to make their task in easy manners.

RedIC is a system for Investment Casting Foundry which helps to every members of Foundry to maintain their systems.

RedIC Working with Barcode Systems so Human Error can be swiped, Also auto email system avoid to communication gap.

RedIC is First ERP which is Serve with Customer can Track their Purchase order with their Purchase order Line Wise, Customer can Download their required Quality and Shipping document from their Portal.

RedIC Includes to internal chat to improve Client Privacy as well as prompt responses on priority works.

Departments are served as bellowed with their Unique Technical Data Cards and Pre Requisites Details.

Departments are included like Marketing, Order, Production Planning, Wax Injection, Wax Assembly, Coating (With Live Status and Projection about Auto Robotic Systems) , De-Waxing, Melting (With Their Own Store), Knock Out, Fettling, Heat Treatment (Cycles), Quality, Inspection, Machine Shop, Online Dimension Reports, NDT Testings (Impact, IGC, Micro, UT, RT, etc..), Dispatch, Accounts and relevant to all and many more.




We Provide Till Customer End Solutions.

done_allCustomer Can check their orders with current process Status.

done_allCustomer Can View and Download their Documents.

done_allA Truly Trust worthy System for your Customer.

done_allCustomer Can improve your Trust With RedIC and you can earn more business.

done_allRedIC give you prestige against your hard working

Customer End Solutions

Auto Email System.

  • – Order
  • – Purchase Order
  • – Daily Production
  • – Daily Rejection
  • – Customer Documents
  • – Pending Orders
  • – Pending Payment
  • – Quality Documents
  • – Pending PO
Auto Email

Melting Management.

  • Complete solution about Melting
  • Barcoded LogSheet
  • Manage Melting Store
  • Unskilled melter can manage Heat batch.
  • Multiple grade can make multi heat in single heat batch.
  • Daily Material Consumption Review.
  • Heat wise trace price Calculation.
  • Easy to Trace and analyse previous data.
Melting Management

Planning Module.

done_allDelivery Manage by auto and Manual Planning.

done_allPlanning make your Production On time.

done_allAuto planning save your employee time and avoid end time urgency too.

done_allPlanning system serve better delivery schedule to your customers.

Planning Module

Internal Chat System

Internal chat system make internal communication easy and Smooth.

Prompt Response from entire team.

Use other general chat system (Like Whatsapp., Line, WeChat etc.) is not for your business purpose.

Its make employee engaged in other activity too. And forgot your core work and importance.

Company Privacy, Save time, remove communication error And Secure your data.

Internal Chat System

Sample status

Sample Process is most critical and require frequently updates.

Each Sample Process you can analysis in single click and also take precaution base on last sample failures.

All Sample History get to see in Single Page.

Sample History data is important for customer as well as for us.

No need special attention.

Base on status. Easy to check and we can take prompt action on it.

Surely improve your sample delivery base on priority systems.

Sample status

Analysis of Departments

Day to day monitor system help to make system proven and work 100%.

Analysis give more productivity in same resources Every department have their own analytical dashboard With relevant reports.

Saturation points only can break through by Analysis and implementation.

Management can work smart and better output through Analysis

Only we can provide this analysis with our best experience.


100% Use of ERP

RedIC made base on real investment casting experience.

Each and every small things considered for workers, supervisors and managements.

Barcoded system avoid mistakes and easy to data entry.

Every department have hardly 5 minute works to manage daily works.

IT Unskilled employee can work too

In – out of employee doesn’t matter for REDIC

100% Use





Total forms



ERP Utilization



Total Reports



Avoid Duplication

Remove Duplication of Work and show accurate data at proper time and proper place as required

Reduce Work load

RedIC Software help worker reduce work load. Software required only 5 mins work from labours daily

Perfection in Work

All department get their order full details & NCR report on their dashboard itself. So mistake chances are minimizes and the product is as per requirements.

Full Analysis Report

Marketing Department as well as Manager Level person can get get complete Analysis report from Inquiry of customer to Dispatch details on just a click.